Excavation Day 3

04 Feb

The morning of Excavation Day 3 began auspiciously. Protection was put up the day before to prevent rain from screwing the work site up, but it proved unnecessary.

Note the dirt still remaining around and to the right of brick pier.

Later in the day, additional excavation has been completed. The guy on the bottom left is Dave, our project’s foreman. The guy on the ladder is the electrician, who’s moving the meter to another location. The surface it’s mounted on is soon to be no more.

The brick pier remains, but the most of the fill that used to occupy the space under the east side of the house is now gone.

On the night Excavation Day 3, the southwest corner of our house is now supported only by a steel support.

Excavation also has begun on the east side of the former crawl space, and the retaining wall is gone.

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Posted by on February 4, 2012 in Excavation and Basement Work


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