How to Cope with Adjoining Houses

15 Apr

As pictured in a previous post  (, the bumpout in the back abuts our neighbor’s house and we need to install trim at their intersection. The challenge is that our neighbor has wood clapboard siding, and we don’t want to disturb it during our renovation.

The approach, which we discussed with our neighbor before we moved forward, is to cope the trim to match the clapboard pattern, so it snugs into place. Even better, the guys used a mammoth length of Azek trim long enough to cover the entire length of the abutment, which required no miss-steps with the coping, and which would provide a seamless edge when it was installed.

Here’s how the coping looked before it was installed:

These cuts just go on and on.

And here’s a few pictures of the end result:

That’s one long mother, and it fits great, too.

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Posted by on April 15, 2012 in Exterior


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